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Tube Amplifier Repairs and Modifications
Tone to the Bone!

Free System Check:  If your tube amp is sounding ugly, That is emitting noises other than a low level hum, you need to be sure which piece it is - the amp, the guitar or the cord. If you don't have access to substitution pieces of known quality, we can provide them. Just bring your system in for a FREE check.

Complete Tube Amp TuneUp: Does your tube amp crackle, hum, buzz, screech, howl, whistle, whoosh? Has its original tone and volume become weak, dull or unnatural, or does it just give you the Silent Treatment? Our Tube Amp TuneUp will either eliminate these annoyances or reveal their source.
The charge for this service is $50 to $100 depending on the size of the amp, and includes:

  • Test for AC shorts
  • Test all Tubes - 100% conclusive on shorts, leaks, grid emmisions, transconductance and life expectancy
  • Test all electrolytic capacitors in power supply
  • Check key voltage levels
  • Dynamic BIAS Adjustment
  • Inspect Reverb assembly
  • Test Transformers
  • Clean all pots, switches and tube sockets - tighten where necessary
  • Check all connections
  • Test speakers
  • Clean cabinet and chassis
  • The cost of parts needed for repair (if any) is not included, and they will not be installed until you know the cost and give us the go ahead. Free estimates are furnished upon request.

Repairs, Restorations and Modifications: The labor rate is $30 per hour on services such as troubleshooting, speaker replacement, cabinet restoration, reverb reconditioning, bias voltage adjustment, parts replacement, etc.  Free estimates are written when you bring your gear in, and if unforeseen costs arise, you will be contacted for approval.

Vintage Restorations:  It's true, life is impossible without Reverb, but what about the rest of it?  If your tube amp has lost its complete rich tone, from that powerful bass through those mellow mids to the crystal clear highs, YOU CAN GET IT ALL BACK!  Any components that have drfited too far off spec are eroding your tone and volume and should be replaced.  You can have just a few parts replaced, or have us install one of the many kits available from several outstanding suppliers.
Your amp's original appearance can be restored too, with new Tolex, and Speakercloth and brand new hardware on a stripped and sanded cabinet.

Fender Bassman Before

Bassman with New Speaker Cloth

Vox Buckinghm Before

Vox Buckingham After

Custom Modifications: 
These are proven ways to tailor the tone of your amp to your taste, increase its volume safely, and remove noise. Before any of these modifications are done, we make sure that all the amp's circuits are functioning normally. The following prices are guidelines that take into consideration the size and complexity of a wide range of amps.  We will provide a Free Estimate specific to your amp when you bring the gear in.

  • Volume maximization, $50 - $100:  There are many ways to increase volume, such as installing higher gain tubes, changing resistor values, eliminating current drains, etc., without violating your tube amp's operating parameters.
  • Tone Enhancement, $50 - $200:  Changing capacitor values in the Tone control circuit can alter the frequency response of your amp dramatically, or subtly.  There are also many prepackaged mod kits available from excellent sources that  we can install for you.
  • Silverface/Blackface Conversions, $75 - $250:  Take your Fender Silverface tube amp back to the"pre-CBS" era for that ultra-clean sound, OR you can go the other way and add some bottom to your Blackface.
  • Bias Voltage Circuits added or modified, $50 - $150:  For maximum efficiency of your tube amp's power stage, a matched set of power tubes AND an accurate bias adjustment are essential. You will get better sound and longer tube life. Some amps have only a Bias Balance adjustment, but the ability to adjust the Bias Voltage Level is equally important. Why balance an incorrect level?
  • Master Volume Controls, $50-$75: Play with an Overdrive sound at any volume level, without an overdrive pedal.  Marshall owners, get rid of that "power brake" which has fried many a good amp.  You'll also be using fewer cables and have a totally controlled distortion sound.
  • Star Grounding Circuits, $50 & up:  AC Hum/Buzz is sometimes difficult to eliminate. If everything is correct with your gear and you're still getting unacceptable levels of AC noise, a Star Grounding scheme may be necessary.
  • DC Heater Conversions, $75 - $125:  Manufacturers avoid cost by running noisy AC to the heater elements of your tubes, which can be powered instead by quiet DC.